Sunday, November 23, 2014

2014 almost over

Yesterday during the dinner, Tessies surprisingly tell Mason that Mom gain some" meat" on her belly, she said, " Mom is having a baby, Yeah!"

 We love to paint! This is a friend name Tiantian come to our house to play, we are painting together.

 This is my coolest style with coolest gun!

 Grandma came to Suzhou on April to pick up Jet because Jet has a visa problem, he has to live with grandma and grandpa for 2 months. But he had the chance to go to the kinder-garden there, and he had the nicest teacher in his class, her name is Miss Thronell.

 Grandma only stayed a week here in suzhou. This is the day when we took grandma to the garden on memorial day, that was a bad plan, it was so crowded, we only went there for 15 mins.

Tessie feel so sad that Jet went to the States with grandma, she misses him everyday. But I enjoyed having one child with me, I had some happy moments with her. She is a sweet girl!

 We had Easter hunting in Yeye's house with 4 of her cousins. This is something new for her cousins...

 That was Mom's birthday, Daddy secretly arranged a birthday dinner for her, two other friends' family celebrate together with us in an Mexican restaurant.

 On the way to Shanghai in the fast train! we had the best buffet there, one part I like is all kinds of performances while we eating. opera, dancing, my favorite show is a man perform inside a big giant ball! I wish Jet could see it too! ;-(

 Story time and Drawing activity in our apartment complex.

 Riding Jet's yellow bike around the neighborhood, I wish I have my own pink bike!

I got invited to a birthday party! I wish this is my birthday!

 Today is my birthday! I turned 4!!!!!!!!!

I had two birthday cake for my birthday! Mom made me Doraemon cake and I picked snow-white and 7 dwarfs cake.

 I got so many dollies for my birthday, I could only hold three of them!
Jet is graduate from the kindergarden in Utah even those he is only there for a short time.

 School dance for Children's day!
Jet and grandpa finished the Shark project together!

 Oh, my superstar!

 It is such a happy moment when I can see Jet again, we hugged each other tight for a long time. our fun times starts, and it will last 6 weeks! this is my cousin Trent, its my first time see him, but I already like him a lot!
 Cousin's reunion! happy moments!

 I am enjoying the sunshine here in Utah!

 And my swimming class! we did so many things this year, we went to Boondock, we went to Jet's favorite water park"7 peaks", bean museum, aquarium, curiosity museum, we went to hiking, saw the fire station, thanks to our friend DeNae.

 We went back to China, cousin Caiyi came to visit us, we went to suzhou amusement park in a very hot day, all of our cheeks turns pink the whole time!

Jet's art picture continues...

 Jet's favorite art class, he draw both sides, and combine together, mafe this decorative pillow!

 Tall Building In the City...

Jet's first at primary school!

 The Moon Festival, we had a nice japanese dinner with friends! picture taken by Nicol.

 Cat In the Bushes

 We dyed shirts during national holiday, this is Jet's shirts.

 That's Tessies' shirt!

 We went to the beach with Nicol's family, it was a two hours drive. Jet loves it!

 Play Dominos when daddy comes home!

 Halloween picture!

 I like this picture a lot! Jet is helping sister blowing drying her hair!

 Soccer practice!
 This year, I am a fireman!

 Tessies is of course a princess, Sofia! Mom is a witch, Dad is a wearing German festival outfit!

 Tess started her drawing class on September, this is her pineapple with different motion faces.

 Brother and sister are having a quite fight, Jet showing me first that he has a broken heart, he is unhappy, Tessie show me a picture later that she also has a broken heart! For me, its hard to be a middle guy!

Jet made the blue stage in his art class. we had a family activity together made the other two. We send it to Daddy, he liked it!

 I was honored to be invited to visit Jet's school cafeteria, taste the lunch food, give moments. A thumb's up from me for  clean, organized, variety of food. even though I know my picky eater wont eat a lot at school.

 Jet is surprised to see me at school when he is eating lunch

Friday, March 21, 2014

fun times

 Jet couldn't wait to take his drawing class after a long vocation.

 Jet and his friends spent whole day together, here are they playing his new toy.

 Tess is also happy to see Jet's friend, they had fun!

 Both getting hair cut before the chinese new year.

 Silly Tess

 Yeah! We finally finish this project together!

 A new year gift from uncle Jin

 We got new year压岁钱 from Bu'a and Yeye, that's a lot of money...

 Two sisters celebrate their birthday together.

 Fun day playing with cousin at lantern festival.

 Helping mommy do the dishes, they are such nice kids!

 A baby shower for kismet at Gerry's house.

 Guess the belly size, I am not the winner.

 Everybody bring a dish, it was a feast.

 The horse of the year, Jet's horse picture.

 Visiting Daddy's company, sitting at daddy's desk, my dream is to go to work like him.

 Checking out the machines in daddy's company. Jet's request!

 Checking out the football yard at suzhou university. he was afraid to join those kids at first day.

 I love this !!!!!!!!

 That is a chicken picture jet draw.

 We celebrate Mason's birthday at home with my parents. its also a  celebration for my dad to get out of the hospital.
 My dad recovers very fast after the surgery. Thanks for all the prayers from our family and friends, I am so grateful, my dad was found out a later stage of the bladder cancer in Nantong hospital, after I transferred him into the hospital, found him the best doctor to do the surgery, the good news from our the doctor is , he is at the early stage cancer. we are so happy to hear this.

 Mason's classmate from Hongkong visiting suzhou, we were visiting the master of net garden. kids love it, I was surprised.

 Tessie love to post in the pictures.

 Jet said he loves the penzai.

 We were at shanghai pick up kids new passport, Mason was also in Shanghai studying the whole week.
 It was such a nice day, Tess like to take pictures with flowers as usual.

 Jet's third football class, he loves it now. Tess want to play football too, but she only tried 15 mins, then she said she wanted to go home.

 Cool Tessie walking in the subway station in Shanghai.

 Ready to go to the swimming pool! How exciting!

 Hang out with Nicol and her daughter in Jinjiang amusement park in Shanghai.

 more pictures
 and more
 His happy face makes the happiness of my life!


 More play time

 Swimming again at the Marriot hotel

 We only like to playing at the hot tub though...

 It is nice Daddy can join us at this time

Times goes so fast in Shanghai, Mommy has to bring us back to suzhou to take the drawing class and piano lesson while daddy still at the hotel, we wish we could stay there the whole week, but mommy says No. we still enjoyed the short  vocation there. Jet draw a vase this time.